Photo of colorful umbrellas

digitized aurora borealis sound/when moves he I watch but help can’t

When he moves I can’t help but watch

beautiful can be a masculine adjective I discover

it is not kohl eyes thin face and red lips

perfection it is not

it is sinew and speed

it is undeniable presence

it is careful words

it is voice i cannot shake

it is mastery of craft

he makes a piano flood the room with digitized aurora borealis sound

shades of notes crashing into each other

green green jagged blue

flood of peach red soaks their souls

he leans over the counter

draws lines and looks up

his beauty makes my eyes hurt.

he pushes the earth with ease

strong swift dance

does he not do everything with ease?

power personified

he speaks, can i describe it

he walks, can you call it walking

when moves he I watch but help can’t

forgive me

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