I want to code the app, not use it.
I want to snap the photo, not admire it.
I want to offer giveaways to my 500,000 YouTube subscribers,
–not cross my fingers and hope I win.
I want to create an online marketplace, not fork over commission.
I want to invest billions into a non-profit,
—not just volunteer for it.
I want to design and sew my clothes, not buy them.
I want to make the laws
–not fight them.

I want to paint a $20 grand piano — and your nose — bright yellow.
I want to paint powder pink clouds on a blue sky.
I want to sculpt my name in X&Y Baudot code.
I want to film black raindrops falling upward
I want to finish my screenplays
I want to learn the Ultimate solo
—that started it all
I want to draw Harmony, the African-American and Japanese heir
— with her black and white hair
I want to crochet 3-D shapes linked together in an avant garde scarf.

I want to run up a wall,
I want to dyno on a V10.
I want to arch my back as my hands kiss the ground
I want to backflip into Australia’s pink lake.

Thanks Barbara Jordan
Thanks Krochet Kids
Thanks Sara Blakely
Thanks Steve Kamb
Thanks Yokoo Gibran
Thanks Jesse LaFlair
Thanks ndtitanlady
Thanks Internet

Don’t ever forget again.






Image: Cupcake.Nilsson.Se

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