Sunset photo of plane pink

Hallelujah Opulence

We’re so vain
The Most Privileged, the Most High
Hallelujah opulence

Perfection filter makes your ugly look palatable
Holy QWERTY Spirit

Our internet connection is our golden ticket
Makes me sick makes me sick

Frozen smiles of fake elation
In this moment we are infinity huh

Next moment you will die, fool
Never forget it

Adorable how important we think we are
Smelly hairy humans with no empathy
love is a xanax hoax

Death is all around us and we eat our fake food and watch our Netflix
Live vicariously through liars

Have the nerve to make jokes about our luckiness

If we were all naked we’d realize how animalistic our existence is
Scourge of the planet it purges us

Makes me sick makes me sick

Magic pink juice eases my nausea
Magic pink juice eases my nausea

We live in a sorcery time
Colored water
Faux everything

Abraham Lincoln would spazz
But Da Vinci would smirk
he knew

What if we put Aristotle on a aeroplane

I think he’d open his mouth and be turned inside out of himself
Gory organ blanket protecting his face


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