Photo of crowd black and white

in this moment we are college

in this moment we are college
its never slow mo picture in my head from 10th grade
from religion-trapped big-dreams book-world unrequited-affection grade

it is worse and it is better at once

grasping car door seat handle
bobbing head and feeling the bass in my chest
cool apartment gathering included

i am free enough to do the robot dance
yet why do i still feel so trapped
that song is my jam but speakers freeze

hablas espanol
we practice
i agree with your poem
i snap

i take your hand
we dance, friend
you are the friend i imagined in those lonely years

i refuse just like momma taught me
i joke like my dad

i make puns and force deep conversations
habit of covering up lack of vapidity
poetry guitar strings dance
not all artists are cool
but most are
will i break out of what i was molded to be
and become one soon?

santa claus is everywhere
genie is right here
fill out paperwork and they will fork over money
why are you stagnant

I’m not seriously describing college moments am i
cliche “bass in my chest” moment huh
wow it was bound to happen
who cares, friend

in this moment we are college

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