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[July 31, 2013]

Today, I discovered that my mother is superhuman.

After 18 years of type 2 diabetes, my mother’s A1c went from the worst, scariest ever (9.1) to virtually normal (6.4) in a matter of FOUR. MONTHS. She lost TWENTY (more) pounds while on a WEIGHT-RETAINING (but necessary) medication. This morning, she was reduced to ONE anti-diabetic medication. One.

Can I describe my elation? Can I articulate my pride? I ran around my neighborhood shouting. I hugged her tight. I cried. It’s not enough.

How did she do it? She exercised 1-3 times a day and ate healthy foods. It’s simple in practice, simple in theory. Essentially, the key is prioritizing longevity and making health a habit.

With every 5k race, with every weight shakily lifted, with every high-knee, with every step, and with every labored breath, I have come to realize that my mother is not merely a strong woman, but one of the strongest human beings I have ever encountered. Her spirit is doused in the most valuable of strengths: spiritual, emotional, mental, artistic, pragmatic, and yes, physical.

I’ve said it before, but not it so many words: there is absolutely no excuse for not taking care of your body, except for a genetic disease and weight-retaining medication. I’ve just witnessed the latter excuse being SHATTERED with my own eyes. You eat regularly, so you should exercise regularly. Stop eating poison. Stop complaining when your body reacts rightfully to that poison. Give it the fruits and vegetables that it so fervently craves. Start living the life you can live by getting up off your couch, chair, bed and getting your mind out of that noxious muck of excuses and complacency.

My mother and I are going to celebrate by jogging and lifting weights – not with special treats. Who needs celebratory high-fat and high-sugar delicacies when you have life and mobility? Rewards should enrich — not hinder — one’s quality of life.

What will YOU do for your body today?



  1. Excellent piece about your mom Gale. When I knew her back in 1985 when we were recruiters at PCD, she was a force to be reckoned with. Nothing could stop her. I always admired her fierce determination to achieve whatever she set her mind to achieve. So impressive. Thanks for sharing Empris. BTW, I have a photo of you your mom sent to me in 1995 when you were 4 months old. Congrats on all your success.

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