Photo of Beach and Shells

Natarajasana forever, mama.

Natarajasana, Natarajasana, mama
Can’t be half-done
It’s true what the yogi says:
“The more you push the easier”

Lord of the Dance pose
Nata raja asana
It is the perfect pose for you because you dance like a queen mama
You don’t believe in Shiva but you dance like him

Your joints can’t do it, mama
I can do it, mama, but my spirit is weak
My lack of will makes me collapse
Natarajasana mama

try Natarajasana mama
evil thoughts cloud our moment

That girl in front of me
Her hair dark and short, her poses sure
For a moment I wished — can I say it, mama?
For a moment I wished I looked like her.
For more than a moment
Natarajasana mama, focus

Look at you
You just did so many asanas
They thought you were weak but you are strong mama
You are so much stronger than they gave you credit for
You are crane you are royal you are elongated
Your beauty is strength, mama

One day I hope to be a woman like you

One day you’ll do it, mama
You can do it
Please don’t ever leave my side
Natarajasana mama.

Natarajasana forever, mama.
One day when you are a bird and I am a tardigrade we will do Natarajasana
Forever, mama

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