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poem: what is success

Good little wifey is repaid
Strong backbone of the house is redeemed
Her adult kids dabble her dripping drool
Her grandkids desperately grab at her sheets as if it would keep her on Earth
Hospital funk is last whiff
She ceases to exist

CEO lawyer doctor stares at the dingy mint plastic curtain in the ICU
CFO sent some flowers and a pile of work to be done
Eyes squint and she is no more

Yellow molars
Top down on the Mer-ce
Swim in the shining finish
‘My other other other Benz’

‘He’s still as handsome as the day I saw him’
Wrinkled old man eats beans and rice across the table
He smiles at her gaze
Today they will take their last walk around the town
They will visit their old shop one more time on a whim
They won’t notice the car
They will be found holding hands

Best friends hold hands as they base jump
Knowing shared glance
The lush green palaces whizz towards them
Ground closer
Lo, I hope they were truly comrades
Parachute rope snaps

‘At the end of my life, my retired friends stuffed all their possessions into their tiny house, and that’s all they has to show for their lives. I had people. I had my scholars.’

-John B. Ervin

{what is success}

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