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84% of “White” (whatever that means) humans are killed by other White humans. White-on-White crime.

The stats are similar for all racial groups; you wanna know why? People kill people in their own communities. Black people don’t exclusively pop out of bushes and rampage everyone. Get real. All humans have the potential to kill.

[Digression] Although arguably, Europeans take the cake. And I don’t say that in reference to White/European Americans, I’m talking about Europe, historically. Look at all the deplorable wars within Europe, all the humans murdered in the name of exploration worldwide, the carving up of Africa by remote European men — and, OF COURSE, Britain’s unbelievable scale of bloodshed, destruction, and human evil with the treatment of its colonies (India, Native Americans, Africa — need I say more?).

[Digression 2] White/European Americans commit the most violent crimes in America, because they are the racial majority. Yet, a murderer gets more time, statistically, if he kills a white man than if he kills a black man. Something is seriously wrong with that. All human life is equally valuable.

[Digression 3] I love the term “pop out of the bushes” in an aural sense. However, I despise its common use and context. Most rapists know their victim —well. Propagating this collective media image of a Black man jumping out of a dark corner to rape random dainty passersby is dangerous because it’s racial profiling and distracts from the rapes and sexual assaults from an acquaintance, friend, boyfriend, one night stand, father, brother, husband, teacher, professor, etc in familiar location. If those COMMONLY occurring types of rapes/sexual assaults are not blared in front of the collective consciousness, then they seem fantastic and unbelievable. Which makes victims more silent. #slipperyslope

Instead of sensationalizing facts to make a point, why can’t American society require everyone to analyze anthropology, history, sociology, psychology, economics, and statistics so we can all understand cause-and-effect and our fellow humans better?

“Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto”

“I am a human being, I consider nothing that is human alien to me.” 

— Terrance


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